In a world where 3D printing and robotics are all the rage. Eric is traveling the world in search of those who still make things by hand. We will be showcasing a different Artisan in each episode.


The tradition of stone carvers in Bali is well documented. Even today these Stone Masters are hard at work creating statues that protect the ancient temples all around the island. I was lucky enough to see a few at work in Ubud.

Peter Greenwood is a Master Glass Blower. In this episode of Trading Artisans he creates a wavy bowl. Then in Tools of the Trade he shows us the tools he uses in his craft and a little bit on how to use them. And don't miss the interview where he tells us how he got started, what to do if you want to get into glass blowing and where his craft is taking him next.  Visit to learn more about Peter or to set up a time to visit his studio. 


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