Listen everyone has had failures in their life. The most accomplished people in history from George Washington to Elon Musk have had them. These are a normal part of the process, the airplane wasn’t invented on its first try, many crashes into the barn happened before even getting close. The key is to learn from your failures and use what you learned.

Iv’e had my fair share of failures like anyone else trying to build something. This page is dedicated to my past failures that have paved the way to my success. Enjoy the laughs and lessons. I’ll continue to up date it as I find old projects.

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Love Banter Podcast

Love Banter was a dating podcast I started with my friend Debra the Dating Diva. We both had dating products we wanted to sell at the time and I figured starting a podcast was a good way to get our names out there. The problem was she was to busy with her normal job and other side projects that we only had one recording session.

I was able to break it down into a few episodes but without being able to put out new episodes and get a following it failed and never got any traction. Results were zero revenue and under 200 listens, estimated time used 90 hours.

Lessons Learned: Choose your partnerships carefully and make sure they are as invested in your project as you are. Have a backup plan if that partnership doesn’t pan out if you believe in your idea or project.

I learned how to use the audio recording and editing program Audacity which I have used many times after that project.

I also learned about graphics and logos. As you can tell the logo gets cut off. Vector files is what you need and make sure you have all the correct specs for what sites your logo is going to live on and give those to your graphic designer and make sure they are included in the price you are quoted.

Today these are called social media kits and any good designer will know what you are talking about if you tell them you need one. Make sure to get the right specs for social sites outside the the normal FB, IG and LinkedIn as some will have completely different specs.


My Penis Made Me Do It

My Penis Made Me Do It was a book. It was when all those table books you would buy from places like Urban Outfitters were popular. A 1000 things to do before you die, Funny stories from my Bachelorette Party and books like that.

So I was with a friend of mine this girl who thought this title was hilarious. We are taking about all the stupid things that guys do that drive their significant others crazy.

I took this as a great idea for one of these books. And at the time I was writing a lot of screenplays so I wrote the book in the same fashion. Each of the 25 things had an illustration on one page and a conversation between a man and a women on the right about what was happening in the picture.

Results I printed 300 books, this was before print on demand. I sold two books, both to my father who was just proud I wrote a book even if it was mostly pictures I didn’t even draw. I gave Mark the illustrator a stick figure drawing and he turned it into some amazing designs. But it wasn’t enough to save the book. The writing was pretty bad and the amount of time and money spent was easily in the thousands for both.

Lessons Learned: I learned don’t asks friends their opinion because they will not give you honest feedback. I learned all about ISBN numbers and how books are catalogued. How to submit a copyright for a book.

How to source a printer, what goes into formatting a book for printing and to stick to your guns when you know you are correct. The first run of books were faded and they said I gave them a bad file. So I talked to my Illustrator Mark and he said he did it to the specs they gave us. I sent them the same file and told them to try that one. They printed it and the new run came out good, then I told them it was the same file I sent them the first time. They found out it was on their end and didn’t charge me for the fixed run.

I also learned trying to get your book out into store was not as easy as sending them a copy. This doesn’t matter so much these days but back then there wasn’t Amazon or Kindle.

bachelor 101

Bachelor 101

Bachelor 101 was a website I started where I gave advice to single men living on their own for the first time. This was before Wordpress and social media. I tried to learn Dreamweaver which was a program that coded the site while you used the design interface.

I won’t lie web design wasn’t something I ever mastered. I tried to learn it myself (this is before Youtube), I wrote articles, organized photos and did a bunch of other things. I went through a dozen logos before settling on this one. Results were zero revenue, estimated time used 120 hours.

Lessons Learned: Don’t try to do everything yourself hire a professional for those things you don’t know how to do. Think through an idea and make a timeline before diving in and wasting to much time.