Niche Target Marketing

The days of targeting everyone as your customer are over. In 2016 digital ad spending over took TV spending for the first time and it hasn’t looked back. I worked in TV for 15 years and I can personal tell you I witnessed the impact of this. The budgets of the shows I worked on got a little smaller and the networks and studios were requiring more digital extras with deliverables. Before you might have to include a few behind the scenes videos with the main episodes, now they want a long list of social media ready clips, photos and sound bites.

This shift to digital has created something called “niche target marketing”, where anyone with an Internet connection and a product can get in front of customers. In today’s algorithm led world it has never been easier to target a specific niche. You hear it all the time find your target market. These are the people most likely to buy your product. The most likely to watch your video, interact with your social media channels and will be your loudest cheerleaders.

If you want to play in this new pond you have to go a step above the basic filters everyone else is using like age, income and location. You need to get into the minds of your customer and build a niched down customer profile. Casting a wide net is like throwing darts with a blindfold.

Let’s use dating as an example. Dating is very broad and if you try to compete with the big brands out there you won’t get much traction simply using “dating” as your keyword and target market. Your ad will be so far down the list no one will ever see it. Let’s say you are a dating coach, all single people can’t be your niche. You need to niche down your niche and niche down again and target those people, it might look something like this.

Dating – Dating for women – Dating for divorced women – Dating for divorced women who love dogs. When I explain this to some of my clients they say but aren’t I missing out on all the other possible customers who might buy from me? I tell them no, it’s the old would you rather have 100% of nothing or 10% of something argument. If you are a small fish in the ocean no one will be able to find you. If you are a big fish in a small pond then you can be found more easily.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target customer, what do they value, what activities do they enjoy, what chores do they dislike, what gets under their skin, what gets them excited, what causes do they care about, what shows do they watch, what does their workout look like or do they not workout at all? What are their buying habits? Do they buy organic? Do they buy top shelf or the least expensive? Are they an impulse buyer or someone who researchs for hours before making a purchase?

When you are building your niche customer profile you have to think like them, act like them and view the world through their eyes. If you do this then you can craft your ad campaign around all they hold dear and hit all their hot buttons which will increase the chances of them buying from you exponentially.

Gary Vaynerchuk says Instagram and Facebook ads are cheap right now but once these big brands start to flood in the cost will skyrocket and shut out a lot of the small players using it now to grow their businesses. So create your niched down target customer profile and go use some IG and FB ads before it’s to late.

Eric FlathersComment